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self esteem and parenting

Improving your Self-Esteem

We often replay tapes in our heads from things we heard as children or teenagers. Sometimes this is what we base our self-esteem on. However, it may or may not be true! It is important to look at the evidence and the facts to determine our worth and value. It is not always true just because we feel it is. Let me help you identify if your negative thinking is resulting in low self-esteem. Let us challenge some of the self-talk going on in your head.

Finding meaning as a parent

Although being a parent is one of the coolest life experiences out there, it is still challenging. Sometimes being a stay-at-home mom feels unfulfilling, or lonely. Fathers may feel a lot of pressure, both financially and emotionally, once they have a family. But somehow it is difficult to admit this, and especially to tell others about these feelings. Let me provide a safe, caring setting in which you can honestly express some of the challenges you are having as a parent, and help you come up with ideas for finding fulfillment in this particular area of life.